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Light or dark? Find out three top picks for a home’s floors.

Hardwood flooring is getting lighter as darker tones are being pushed aside for warmer color palettes. Havwoods, a flooring and wall paneling firm, recently forecasted trends for wood flooring. Check out the three styles they say are gaining popularity.

Subtle Cool: Light White Oak

The shade is light but has versatile undertones that vary depending on the type of lighting.

Photo courtesy: Havwoods

Au Naturel: Neutral Wood

This wood floor tone invokes a feeling of nature. Its character grade allows for some knotting, making it as unique as the tree it's sourced from.

Photo courtesy: Havwoods

Quintessential: Warm Brown

For those who prefer a slightly deeper color foundation, a warm brown can help create a cozy, traditional aesthetic. This flooring also can be spiced up with eclectic accent colors.

Photo courtesy: Havwoods

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