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  • Daniel Dobbs (Mutual Home Mortgage)


  • Sympathize

  • Hold a hand

  • Hug

  • Possess wisdom

  • Debate an appraiser

  • Call out____ (a servicer not performing their job)

  • Question an attorney

  • Explain an inspection

  • Haggle with a home warranty company, roofer, HVAC tech, landscaper, repair person, structural engineer, pool service. HOA, city hall clerk

  • Pour a pound of shock in a listing’s agents mind

  • Sweep a porch - Trim a hedge - Hide the trash cans

  • Walk the dog

  • Help the …photographer, videographer, stager, iinspector

  • Look a client in the eye and …tell them their house is dirty and smells

  • Tell them their deceased parents’ home will sell, and they don’t have to worry to tell them their house needs paint

  • Make specific landscaping recommendations

  • Suggest updates specific to the home

  • Break down the housing market

  • Explain and answer questions about escrow

  • Talk about their home valuation

  • Describe specific contractual obligations

  • Tell them now is not the time they should be buying or selling

  • Help them understand …contracts - deeds - encumbrances - surveys - clouded titles - lot lines - percolation tests - septic systems - shared wells - deed restrictions - local zoning laws

  • Execute a marketing plan

There are many more.

Ultimately, what an app can’t do — now or ever — is empathize with and help people who find themselves in a situation that is expensive, infrequent, complicated, inefficient, and unfamiliar to them.

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